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Some things to ponder on this Friday before Labor Day:

1.) Would you feel better with a secret ninja in your office, or without?

(I vote “yes” on secret ninja. Amelia votes that coworkers are “Ninja until proven innocent.”)

2.) To Blog or Not to Blog as an author? (Also posted on Cynsations.)

I actually go back and forth on this myself. For the moment, I say, ‘Yes. Blog.’ but I always fluctuate between wanting to tell everybody everything… and wanting to burrow myself in a cave.

3.) Would you play the Christian knock off of Guitar Hero – Guitar Praise?

Since I still haven’t perfected regular Guitar Hero, I think not. It’s hard enough to play with five buttons when I do know the songs… couldn’t imagine doing it when I don’t.

4.) Is John McCain looking at a woman Vice President? (And hell-o, Dems…?!)

This is going to be an amazing election to watch. Sometimes I can’t help but feel jaded by the whole system though. I think we need to:

A.) Abolish the electoral college, which was an antiquated system designed with the assumption that people weren’t smart enough to pick their own president. Especially given that electorates are not even voting with the popular vote anymore.


B.) Encourage the growth of a third party (I feel like the general consensus during my adult lifetime concerning political candidates has been “well, it’s the lesser of two evils…”)

Sarah Palin is an amazingly smart choice for McCain though, especially since elections are really won on swing votes…

And our last important question…

5.) What can the Yankees do to overcome their 10.5 game deficit?

Personally, I think the fat lady is singing for the Yankees this season. But what we can do in upcoming seasons is

A.) Stop trading our young talent. Our pitching is terrible because we don’t give young arms a chance before sending them back to the minors and then trading them.

B.) Bring back Joe Torre! Okay, okay… that won’t happen. But I feel like the heart of the team is missing. Who knows, even though I am generally against tearing down our historic Yankee stadium, maybe the new field will arouse the Yanks’ spirits! Come ON guys — you are YANKEES. Pride, Power, Pinstripes — stop walking around the bases. RUN. Look for opportunities to steal. Support your pitchers!

Tonight I’m off to see Pineapple Express before a very productive Labor Day Weekend. Happy Labor Day everyone!

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