Tracy Marchini

Freelance editor, children's writer and occasional word inventor.

Twitter Rocks My Socks

Hello my bloggery buddies!

I just wanted to pick my head up and let you know that I think about you constantly, and miss the glow of little, orange Blogger B.

Once my desk looks a bit less like Max had his Wild Rumpus on it, I’ll have some blog-worthy thoughts for you. (Soon! Soooon!)

On a sidenote though, I just have to say that I feel like I experienced Twitter at its finest:

TracyMarchini Have brilliant former intern looking for a job with an agency… anybody hiring?

molly_oneill @TracyMarchini @MichaelBourret Have you guys connected? Tracy has an intern looking for a job; Michael’s agency needs an asst..

TracyMarchini @molly_oneill you are fantastic! @MichaelBourret Would you DM me your email so I can fwrd her resume? Tara is a quick learner, knows BAITS!

I love Twitter more and more each day!

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