Tracy Marchini

My Own PC, How I’ve Missed You

For the past few weeks I’ve been computerless at home. No computer. No smartphone. Nada.

My just under 2-year-old tablet pc had started behaving funny over the summer, but I figured that updating my virus software and installing all the windows updates that I prefer to click “remind me later” on would fix the problem. But that didn’t seem to change anything, and when it took over half an hour to boot the computer up, I admitted defeat and sent the computer upstate (read: passed it on to my father, who is a computer engineer.)

He came back to me with “Tracy, your computer is very sick.”

But I had deadlines, so while the tablet was worked on, I was checking the library hours, working on lunch breaks and after work at the office, and at one point trekking into Harlem at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to borrow a friend’s computer. (This was very awesome because I was also leaving to go out of town that afternoon. I then lost an hour because I couldn’t find my phone in my bag, went home, tore through the bag, still couldn’t find it and was wondering to myself “did I randomly toss my phone on the way to the bus stop? Could I possibly have done that and not remember?” when the phone rang. It was at the bottom of the bag, packed in another bag with my underwear. [I guess nowadays, all a girl really needs is her cell phone and a spare pair of underwear.])

Anyway, I’m on the old laptop while the new one undergoes more surgery. I have to admit, there were a few weekends where I actually enjoyed being computer-less. But it’s the fall, and it’s time to get back to work!

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